When it comes to startup marketing, how do you advise the founders to look at Advertising Vs. PR for startups in the early days of building awareness about your category in terms of objectives, share of spend and energy etc.?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Hello Rohan,

Advertising is primarily to target end-customers while PR is more effective for investors. Here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Put the bulk of your energy and resources into building customer traction (In your case this means villa owners as well as end-customers). This includes advertising, tempting trial and creating word-of-mouth buzz. Your small group of early satisfied customers /villa owners is your biggest asset. Amplify them. Maximize the return on your advertising by creating a really immersive and differentiated experience on your site /app. (Currently your site feels a bit like a listing)
  2. Draw up a list of publications and journalists relevant for your space. Stay in touch with them. Send updates. Let them know you are personally available for quotes. Maybe even let them sample your offering. This is a slow process but an important one.

Hope this helps. Happy tripping!

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