I have decided I am starting a banana chips brand. The product is already there but in a very unorganised way in India. What is the process to achieve the best result?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Creating a new food brand is an ambitious goal but the good news is that as you say, I don’t believe a big banana chips brand exists yet. I assume that you have already addressed the critical pre-requisites of market size (Is there a big market for banana chips?) and product development / differentiation (the banana chips you are making are really good)

Now on to branding and marketing (as much as I can fit in one answer). You have a dual audience: End customers ( you need to get them to sample and like your brand) and trade (your brand needs to be as widely distributed as possible)

1. Think about your value proposition. What’s so great about your product? Why should people buy it instead of other products?  Be clear and sharp.

2. Create a brand personality that reflects your value prop. Is your brand about traditional Indian flavours like paperboat? Or is it cool and hip? Get a catchy name that aligns with this and create some simple attractive packaging.

3. Look for inexpensive local opportunities for distribution. College festivals, corporate canteens, cinema halls etc. Talk to local stores. Lots of footwork needed.

4. Create as many interfaces that you can: Facebook page, website so that trade can find you easiy

You need to ignite a spark, where people, even in a small area, start to recognize and ask for your brand and then grow from there. Good luck!