What is relevance of B2B branding and digital? Our core strength is sourcing and manufacturing for B2B customers. We have a sales team but no marketing set up. How does it apply to us?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Let me split my answer into two parts:

How does brand-building apply to you?

Do you have customers, employees and investors? Do you have competition? If yes, you need to think about your brand. In other words, you need to think about how these different stakeholders perceive your company. Why should they choose you over the competition? And if you think, the answer lies only in product quality and price, you are mistaken.

How does digital apply to you?

As you figure out how you are going to interact with your audiences, it is very likely that you are going to use digital channels. Like your website and your LinkedIn page. Maybe emailers or even ads. You need to make sure these are in line with the image that you want to build. Do not discount their importance. In today’s world, nearly all potential customers and employees check your website. It costs very little. Take the time to create something you can be proud of and something that clearly communicates what you offer.


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