We gave a great solution to our client and now they are ruining everything with their changes. My CD says to just give them what they want and close the project. Help!

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

There is no simple answer to this. You are asking about every creative person’s worst nightmare – Please the client vs. Preserve your integrity.  I can only share how we have handled it over the years. First, we recognize and respect that clients know their business better than us. So we listen carefully to feedback and try and understand what the underlying concern is. Most often, we can come up with a solution that addresses the concern with compromising on creative standards. It can be an exhausting, iterative process but worth persevering with. This is also a good time to seek the unbiased opinion of a senior resource, because sometimes the team is too emotionally attached to their work. If after trying every possible option, we still felt we were being asked to do something we could not be proud of, we would walk away but this has happened very very rarely.