My job requires me to interact with global customers and I don’t know what is the right thing to wear.

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

This is the one question I get asked A LOT. From both men and women. (I have a secret life where I am personal shopper for many of my clients-turned-friends :-). The first step is to understand your own personality and body-type and learn to dress accordingly.

  • Try on different clothes in your wardrobe and stand in front of the mirror or ask a friend whom you trust, which suit you best. Get an understanding of what cuts and colours work for you. This is a journey – it will take time.
  • There is nothing sadder than stuffing your self into cuts and fabrics not meant for your body, culture or climate.  Do not ape mindlessly.  Have pride in your heritage.
  • Keep it simple until you are more confident. Avoid fripperies and frills and over-ornamentation.

(We may even reach a stage where technology solves the problem for us. Voonik is a startup attempting to do this. Disclaimer: I have invested in them)