How to increase sales for our sweets shop based in Jaipur. I work as a Marketing manager at a sweets shop based out of Jaipur, how to increase sales for our shop? What new we can do at our shop? How to market it and increase popularity? How to bring more customers in?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

There are many things you can do to increase sales of your sweets and it’s hard to say exactly which one will work, unless you are clear about the facts.

  1. Identify the reason your sales are lagging: Is it because in general people have moved away from Indian sweets or is it because they are now going to the competition? If they are going to competition, ask yourself why.
  2. Create a customer database:  Create a list of all your existing and potential customers. You don’t need fancy software for this. Just a list with names, numbers and email IDs. Keep adding to it. Use it the list to understand who buys what and to do some basic research. Speak to customers and ask them what they are looking for.
  3. Create interesting offers to stay in touch: Think about your sales calendar. Create offers for lean months and festival months and use your list to communicate via Whatsapp, SMS or email. This doesn’t always mean discounts. For example, you could message a Thandai offer a few days before Holi.
  4. Innovate on your product: There are many ways to do this. Do you have one ‘hero’ product that your shop is famous for? Can you create one? Would extending to savouries increase footfall?

Good luck and let me know what worked.