How to market an astrology startup? I am working on an astrology startup called www.farfaraway.co. As the founder, I would really appreciate if you could try the website, and give me some feedback. Also, how do you think I could market it? Thanks so much.

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Very interesting Gaurav. I haven’t had time to checkout your site but do wonder what a truly good digital avatar for astrology would look like. I think the answer would be not to do a newspaper-type column on the web and to ask yourself some basic questions:

  1. Make sure that your marketing is built around a strong insight. What are your customers looking for? I can think of two consumer insights into astrology – I am sure you are aware of more.
    • People like to feel as if the universe is is aligning in their favour, or if not, they have taken action to ensure it does.
    • People like to say ‘Wow! that was so accurate’
  2. There are dozens of astrology sites. What can your site offer that a user cannot get from other sources, both digital and non-digital?
  3. People like to talk about ‘spot-on predictions’ with their friends, so you already have a natural bias for sharing. How can you build on this?  Are you delivering content to them in easily consumable formats that they check often and are encouraged to share?

In my experience, Facebook remains the best ground for early-stage B2C marketing. You could for example, think about an app that encourages high DAU on Facebook, as long as you create something that excites users more than the current set of FB astrology apps. Good luck!