How to launch a new leather brand? I want to introduce an affordable designer leather lifestyle brand for style-conscious Indians. .Brands like Cord and Nappa Dori seem to be doing pretty well. I have talked to some factories and am on my way to understanding the leather industry in India in general. I am 22 yrs old with no experience in building a brand and no market insights except Internet articles. Can you give some strategy tips for startups?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Sahil, it is going to be hard to give you a short answer to the question ‘how to launch a new leather brand’, but let me try.

  1. Identify how your product is going to be different to the existing brands. Study the market deeply. Besides Cord and Nappa Dori, there are many other brands. Look at their products, their pricing and the customers they are targeting. Why should anyone buy your brand over the existing ones? Is it design or price or something else? Be clear about the answer.
  2. Get advice from industry insiders who understand the process and market
  3. Get a very tiny number of samples made. Give them to friends  who represent your target audience and ask for honest feedback.
  4. Set up an Insta / Facebook page with product images and try and spread the word. Do NOT think about your own ecommerce.
  5. Ask someone you trust to walk you through a solid business plan. Remember that getting the product right is just the beginning. The hardest part of a lifestyle brand is distribution.  It is very tough for a new brand to get into big retailers and therefore you have to figure out how to get customers without blowing money on marketing.

All the very best. I hope you build a fantastic brand!


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