How can IT marketing be different? We are a mid-sized IT company and are struggling with our marketing. We have a great founder and when we were smaller, this is the only thing customers cared about. Now we are growing bigger  (>US$100 milion) and we find we are making the same case studies and white papers like everyone else. What is the option?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

IT marketing is admittedly a really scary area. I have followed the industry for a decade and a half now and so little has changed.  It continues to be jargon-filled and wholly inelegant. You will get some really nice big ad campaigns but the meat of the marketing effort – the website, the collateral, is completely out of touch with today’s world. It’s great that you are thinking about this when most companies just follow the herd.

The point is not whether you need to create case studies or white papers – you do because they are important for prospective clients and analysts /media. The point is how you deliver them. Intelligent, engaging and well-designed collateral will be hugely different by itself because no one does it.

1. Content

Do the bread and butter stuff but also think about what your audience wants to know. Ask your sales teams what kind of questions they get asked. For example,  I have often wondered why no IT company publishes a list of learnings across multiple projects in a sector.

2. Format

Why must every single IT company create long, dense pdfs, unreadable website pages and dull cookie-cutter videos? Why not use formats that can be consumed in the easiest and most natural way by your target audience? For example,  why not package case studies into bite-sized mobile-friendly downloads, with navigation to more detailed content?  Take inspiration from www.medium.com

 3. Design 

I won’t go into a rant on this but there is no point saying you are a high-quality organization if your collateral is sprayed with $5 stock images, filled with typos and presented via ghastly layouts.  It is really not hard to create decently designed stuff because so much of it follows a template. Educate yourself. Look at well-designed stuff outside the industry and ask yourself how you can translate this to your requirement.