What advice would you give creative agencies who are being acquired by big conglomerates?

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

The post-acquisition period is a strange one. People will congratulate and commiserate at the same time. You’ve made money but you’ve lost your soul is the general consensus. Ignore all the noise if you can. There are many advantages to being part of a large network. For us, the biggest one was the career path we could show our people.  It allowed us to continue to attract the best and brightest – and that is the lifeblood of any creative agency. On the downside, are you going to have to learn to navigate the complex systems of a big company? Yes, of course you are.  The best piece of advice I can give you is to always remember what made you an attractive acquisition target. What makes you special? If you can preserve and hold on to that, you have little to worry about.