What Name, Logo and Colour combo could I use for branding a new pharmacy (Tier 3 city)? It’s –
– 1000 sq. feet
– Going to focus on efficient service

Main objective is to get footfalls by having visibility that’s distinct from the more sophisticated brick and mortar retail chains like Apollo and Medplus.

Also, as a long term strategy, what all could be done to stay ahead of the completion while not compromising on margins that much.

Feel lucky to have stumbled upon a site such as yours. And I really hope my query merits a response!

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Your question pretty much covers all you need for branding a new pharmacy, Pavan so I may not be able to answer it fully, but here goes:

  1. Your last question should come first. Why should a customer buy from you over other pharmacies? Is efficient service enough?  Really think about that hard, because it is the key to survival. What can you do that established chains can’t? Not just offline players like Apollo but online giants like Amazon who are in the game now.  Visibility is not a long-term strategic advantage. You have a large space – can you offer add-on products or services to increase footfall, ticket size and repeat visits?
  2. Name depends on your offering and message.  Safest to stay with a an ‘evocative’ name (like Lifespring or Guardian) that allows for business growth. A name like NetMeds or MedsPlus is very specific.
  3. In terms of colour, there are 3 considerations. The first is to try and get a colour that is unique and not like competitors. The third is to make sure that the colours allows for easy execution (vinyls for signage, printing, etc). Finally, the sign of the store must stand out and be seen from a distance, in day or night. This usually means a deep shade.
  4. Logos are very subjective. My advice is to go for something simple like a wordmark, which means the letters of the name are stylised to make the logo. Use the medical cross for a clear signal but any other separate, complicated picture or symbol (as in Apollo or Guardian’s case), just adds a degree of complexity to execution

All the very best!

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