Can you give 2 or 3 pointers to create our brand’s message? We started as a food delivery app but have had to pivot to a concierge beyond food delivery, providing all other services. We also do food delivery. There is lot of confusion now – within the team and also in the market. We had hired an ad agency and after lot of work, they have said our message should be ‘Hands to help. Help at hand’. What do you think? We have spent lot of resources to get here and this is our one chance. Please consider carefully and give us 2 or 3 pointers to help us decide.

Answered by Meeta Malhotra

Let me start with a disclaimer Hiten. I do not want to claim to have more insight into your brand’s message than an agency who is working closely with you. Let me just walk you through the different issues you must be clear about:

  1. Your audience must be clear about what you offer them: Note the difference between what YOU think you are offering them and what THEY believe they get from you. Take the time to understand the latter. If they are not sure about why they should call you, they won’t.
  2. Your audience must be clear about why your offering is better than the competition. Take Mytntra and Jabong. No customer can actually articulate the difference between them despite millions of dollars of advertising.
  3. ALL of your communication must work towards the above. Very few customers actually register a tagline. Consider Amazon. People around the world, including India increasingly, think of it as the default one stop destination for everything you want to buy online. Even their logo, with its connector between a and z supports this. It really doesn’t matter whether they have a tagline or not. The brand’s message is clear.

If I am an old customer and have always thought of you as a food delivery app, do I now know that you offer more services and do I know why it’s a good thing for me as a customer? Or am I just confused about what you actually do?

If I am a new customer, do I know what services you offer and why you are better than the existing services in the market?

In summary, don’t think so much about your tagline. Focus on how you are going to make sure that your audience know exactly why old and new customers should call you.

P.S: When I say ‘audience’, I mean employees and customers. You mention that there is confusion within the team. Sort that on priority. If your employees don’t understand your brand’s message, unlikely that your customers ever will.


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